1. In Arillas there are some very important farmers who provide a vast amount of vegetables all year round, distributing them to the whole Island.The most popular products are the famous Arillas tomatoes and artichokes.

2. In Arillas there are no big resort hotels but only small, local, family-owned enterprises, owned by people, most of whom, were born or have grown-up in Arillas.

3.The beach changes shape and size almost every week!It all depends on the conditions of the wind, waves and currents.

4.Opposite Arillas there is a small island called Gravia.It is actually a formation of three islands, Gravia, Sykia and Gyneka

5.The petrified boat of Odysseus!If you look far in to the North West towards Mathraki island, you will see a small rock that looks like a sail, its name is ‘Karavi’ which means ‘a boat’. It has taken it’s name from the mythological story of the petrified boat from Homer’s odyssey. Odysseus was found stranded outside a bay near a small river by Nausika and her friends. They helped him and took him to the Kindom of Alkinoos, where he was taken care of and given food, until he was totally recovered. Only then was he asked who he was and where he came from.Odeuseus was the first recorded visitor to Corfu who was treated with the practice of ‘Philoxenia’.The art of helping and looking after a stranger.