Origin of the Name

It is believed that the name ‘Arillas’ has its roots to the Roman proto-Christian era, during which a site was often named after an object by adding the Latin suffix ‘ille’.

Another version suggests that the name ‘Arillas’ originates from the abundance of a specific type of oak called ‘Aria’ (the older local people call it ‘Aria’ even today), which was used to build ships.

Located just before the open Adriatic Sea, Arillas serves as the first stop for the travelers arriving from the far west, and has a history of human presence since long ago.

The size of the beach is constantly changing, varying up to two meters from one day to the next. Thus, returning visitors are often amazed by the transformation of the same place.

Nature has created a place of extraordinary beauty and powerful energy that has been experienced by all those who visit it.


Arillas offers a wide range of alternative events and environmentally friendly activities. Yoga classes, massage treatments, kinetic and dance happenings are available to everyone, whether on the beach or at one of the many private centers in Arillas.

Paradise on Earth

Arillas is widely known for its excellent beaches, clear blue waters and breathtaking sunsets. Τhe combination of the sun that rises over the crystal-clear waters, the sandy beach that shines like gold and the people who come in search of peace and happiness, makes it a paradise on earth.

What you will feel

In Arillas, you will feel the JOY of encountering open-hearted people, the FREEDOM of taking off your clothes and diving into the sea, the JOY of being one with nature, and the PEACE of mind knowing that such a place actually exists and you can return at any time.