Local’s recommendations for food in Arilla

The popular seafood restaurant of the Vavilas family! With Captain Thomas as principal supplier of course. This traditional Greek fish restaurant in Arillas opened its doors in 1992.The Vavilas family is one of the most famous fishing families of Corfu since the early 20th century.This father-son event has resulted in the fish restaurant Vavilas and can rejoice in popularity, both tourists and locals.

A visit to Arillas is not complete without a visit to Ammos. Take place on one of the supercomfortable beachbeds and let yourself be served or grab a table at the opposite bar and give in to total relaxation.


The Brouklis Grill Taverna is a small establishment in the center of Arillas. this restaurant is not located on the sea front but tucked away in a side street, its sign hidden by vines, grown not for the grapes but for the shade they provide.Discerning guests don’t look at the menu but ask the waiter what he has today. All dishes prepared in Taverna are made as if you would have had them in a local home. without any particular efforts to make the food look nice but using pure, local ingredients cooked in the way they have been cooked for the previous hundredths of years.

Restaurant “Eftichia” is situated on the right side of the beautiful beach of Arillas. With a sea view to dine for, the family that runs the place for the last twenty years serves homemade traditional meals with love and smile

The family tavern ”Mon Amour” takes care of your food since 1985.All the family members are responsible for the food preparation, cooking, grilling and serving in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.